Wix Groups: Adding and Setting Up Wix Groups

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Groups are a great way to keep your members engaged around your business and their topics of interest. Post updates and connect between members to get the conversation started.  

Step 1 | Add the Wix Groups app to your site

You can find Wix Groups in the Wix App Market. If you've already added Groups using the Wix Owner app, it will already appear as a pending app. If not, simply go to the App Market and type "Wix Groups" in the search bar. 

Step 2 | Create your first group

Head over to Groups in your site's dashboard to create your first group. The process only takes a minute: Enter your group's name, set its privacy level, add an image and you're good to go. 
Setting up groups in the dashboard

Step 3 | Set up your Group List page

Your group list page is where visitors and members can see your groups. From the Editor, you can choose a layout for the page, give it a custom title and select what information to display. 

Step 4 | Design your Group List page

Your group list page is fully customizable. From the Editor, you can design the page's texts, buttons and background to get the look and feel you need. 

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