Wix Forum: Adding and Setting Up Your Forum

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With Wix Forum, it's easy to create an online community! Your forum members can join conversations, comment, share posts and much more — and it doesn't cost a thing!
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Step 1 | Add Wix Forum to your site

In order to get started, the first step is to add Wix Forum to your site. 
After you add Wix Forum, two main pages will be automatically added to your site:
  • Forum Page: Your main forum page, where forum posts appear.
  • Members Page: On this page, forum members can view other members of the community, follow each other, see what other members have written – even chat with one another.

Step 2 | Create a category

Categories are really important if you want to have a good well organized forum. Think about what you want forum to be, you can have a category about anything you want. Typically, categories are based on topics that are somewhat related to your site and spark interest and engagement amongst your forum community.
You can also add subcategories within your categories. Learn more

Step 3 | Customize your forum settings

After you've set up some categories and created your main forum page, you can then take a look at customizing your forum settings. This will allow you to shape your forum to how you want it. You can customize your general forum settings as well as the layout, display and design of your forum. 
Next Steps
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