Wix Forum: Logging in to Wix Forum

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Anyone who visits your site can read and share forum posts, but to post, follow, like, and comment, visitors need to sign up, become members, and join the community

Logging in via the Members Area

When you add Wix Forum to your site, it comes with the Wix Members Area. This includes a login button and an added site page where forum members can view and follow each multiple profiles and activities. If you want the Members area, but without the members page, you can hide it. Click here to learn how to hide pages. 
Visitors who log in, gain access to all members pages, including special pages for Wix Blog, Wix Stores, and Wix Bookings. Learn More  
If you didn't get the Wix Members Area when you added your forum, or if you deleted it, you can add it to your site.

Logging in via the forum

In addition to the Members Area login bar, you can add a forum login bar which appears at the top of your forum. 
Like the Members Area login bar, it grants visitors access to any members-only pages, but not to special pages for Wix Blog, Wix Stores, and Wix Bookings, but it doesn't add a separate members page to your site.
The login button has 2 views:
  • The view visitors see before signing up or logging in.

  • The view they see after they log in. 


To add a forum login bar:

  1. Click the Wix forum app in your editor.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the Display tab.
  4. Enable the Login from forum menu toggle. 
  • To use the forum as admin, log in to the forum using the email associated with your Wix account. To update your login information, click here.
  • To learn how to allow guests to login with Google and Facebook, click here.

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