Wix Forum: Writing Your First Forum Post

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Having a forum on your site is a great way to engage with your visitors. Forums create a sense of online community where people with like-minded interests share thoughts and ideas on the things they enjoy in life. 
Once you've added Wix Forum to your site, and you know what you'd like your first post to be, you're ready to go! Follow the steps below to create your first forum post.

To create your first forum post:

  1. Publish your site.
  2. Go to your forum page in your live site.
  3. Click Create New Post.
  4. Choose what type of post you'd like to create:
    • Start a Discussion: Start a conversational discussion with other members.
    • Ask a Question: Ask a specific question and get answers directly from the community. 
  5. Add the relevant content.
  6. Click the toolbar to add additional elements to your post. 
  7. When you're ready, click Publish

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