Wix Forms: Choosing Who Gets Notified About Form Submissions

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Control who gets notified after a visitor fills out a form. Site collaborators can receive and respond to form submissions directly from Wix Inbox, the mobile apps, and from their personal emails. You can also notify external emails not connected with your site. 
Site collaborators must be assigned Wix Inbox permissions. Go to Roles & Permissions in your dashboard to add or remove Wix Inbox permissions.

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Types of notifications

There are 2 options when picking how to get notified about form submissions:
  1. Inbox, Email & Mobile app: You and any site collaborators are notified via their personal emails, Wix Inbox, and in the Wix Owner app. This is the recommended option.
  2. Email Only: For external email addresses not part of your site.
The email notifications you set for form submissions are different than the email address you provided for Inbox notifications. Learn how to manage email notifications.

Inbox, Email & Mobile app notifications

The benefits of choosing to be notified by Wix Inbox, Email & Mobile app include:
  • Site collaborators can click 'Respond Now' at the bottom of the form submission and automatically open Wix Inbox.
  • All conversations after the initial form submission are documented and visible to all collaborators with Inbox permissions so anyone can jump in and respond.
  • Collaborators can also click 'Reply' directly to an email from their personal inbox and the message will be sent from an ID email address rather than their own.

Email Only notifications

You can also choose to send form submissions to external email addresses who aren't site collaborators. If you choose this option any follow up conversations after the initial form submission won't appear in Wix Inbox.
If you choose 'Email only' please note the following:
  • Form submissions will appear in Wix Inbox, but any replies or further correspondence won't be tracked.
  • The email address will not get notifications from their desktop or the Wix mobile apps about form submissions.
  • The form notification email does not contain a Respond Now button leading to Wix Inbox. Instead, they need to respond to the form submission using the regular 'Reply'.

Choosing who gets notified about form submissions

You can add site collaborators and external emails to a form's notifications from Form Settings in your dashboard.

To choose who gets notified about form submissions:

  1. Go to Forms in your site's dashboard.
  2. Choose a form to update its settings:
    • For site forms: 
      1. Click the More Actions icon next to a site form.
      2. Click Set Notifications.
        You may be asked to publish your site from the Editor before you can continue.
    • For standalone forms: 
      1. Click the More Actions icon next to the relevant standalone form. 
      2. Click Form Settings.
  3. Under Notifications choose how you want to get notified and notify others:
4. Select the checkbox to include a visitor's submission as a PDF attachment to the email notification.
For the site owner, any form submission emails are sent by default to the email address associated with your Wix account.