Roles & Permissions: Information for Site Collaborators

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As a site collaborator, you can edit or manage a site owned by another Wix user. The actions you can perform on the site are determined by your role. Site owners can update your role as your responsibilities change over time. If you no longer wish to be a collaborator, you can remove yourself from the site.
Make sure you don't make changes in Wix Editor at the same time as someone else. Doing so can cause unexpected behavior in the site or the owner's account. Concurrent editing is only available in Editor X.
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Accepting an invitation to collaborate

When a Wix user invites you to collaborate on their site, an invitation is sent to your email address. You can accept the invitation by clicking on the link in the email.

Your invitation link expires 30 days after it's sent. If you can’t find your email invite, check your junk or spam folder. If your invite has expired, ask the site owner to resend your invite.

To accept an invitation:

  1. Open the invitation email in your email account.
  2. Click Accept Invite.
  3. Accept the invitation:

Viewing your roles and permissions

There are many different roles and permissions for collaborators, and site owners can create custom roles to give collaborators tailored access. If you need additional permissions, contact the site owner and ask them to change your role.

To view your role and permissions:

  1. Go to Roles and Permissions in the site’s dashboard.
  2. Locate your name in the list. 
  3. Hover over your role, then click the Information icon ⓘ to view your permissions.
A screenshot of hovering over a collaborator's role to view its permissions.

Actions that can’t be performed by collaborators

Collaborators cannot perform any of the following actions, regardless of their role.
Site actions
  • Delete sites
  • Duplicate sites
  • Transfer ownership of sites
Premium features
  • Purchase or manage business emails
  • Connect a domain owned by the collaborator
  • Assign/reassign Premium plans
Roles & Permissions
  • Create new custom roles
  • Change permissions of existing custom roles
  • Manage roles
  • Change their own or other collaborators roles
  • Access Get Feedback
  • Access any account-wide information
  • Access the Wix Payments Dashboard 
  • Refund transactions via Wix Payments
  • Purchase shipping labels
  • Purchase Shutterstock images
  • Access specific pages in the Editor
  • Access the Online Shop app by Ecwid

Removing yourself as a collaborator

You can remove yourself as a collaborator whenever you need to, revoking your site access.
You cannot remove yourself if your role is Blog Writer or Blog Editor.

To remove your collaborator access:

  1. Go to Roles and Permissions in the site’s dashboard.
  2. Locate your name in the list, and click Leave site.
A screenshot of selecting
  1. Click Leave site.

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