Wix Domain Renewal Payment Failure

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Wix attempts to collect your yearly payment for your domain 30 days before renewal. This is done so that if there are any issues with your payment, they can be resolved before the actual renewal date. 
If the initial payment attempt fails, your domain name expires on the anniversary of your original payment and your Wix site is no longer accessible through this domain name.
Check your domain's renewal date to see when your next payment is due.
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What happens after non-payment of Wix fees

If payment is not made by the domain subscription renewal date, most domain types enter a 30 day grace period. You can still reactivate your domain during this period for no additional fee.
After the grace period, your domain name is canceled and enters the redemption period, lasting approximately 30 days. The cost of retrieving a domain during the redemption period is $100. Learn more about the domain life cycle.
We strongly advise you to resolve payment issues before the domain enters the redemption period.
If you are unsure why your payments have failed, please contact Wix Customer Care and we will be happy to assist you.
Timeline of domain life cycle


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