About Domains With No Grace Period

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Your domain may expire either because the auto-renew option was turned off in your account, or because your payment was unsuccessful. In both cases, your domain usually enters the Grace Period. 
Some domain endings do not have a Grace Period, during which your domain is reserved for you after it expires. Instead, these domains enter a Redemption Period of 30 days, giving you one last chance to retrieve your domain (for an additional cost) before becoming publicly available.
Image of domain lifecycle for domain with no grace period.

Domains with no Grace Period

The following domain-endings do not have a Grace Period:
  • .at
  • .be
  • .ch
  • .co.at
  • .com.br
  • .or.at
  • .de
  • .fr
  • .me
  • .mx
  • .nl
 The .me domain does not have a grace or redemption period. These domains are released immediately.


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