Updating Your Payment Method for a Failed Domain Payment

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Your Wix domain is set to automatically renew 30 days before its expiration date to allow more time to make a payment in case of payment issues. If the renewal payment is not completed by the expiration date, your domain enters a Grace Period lasting up to 30 days. Your Wix site is disconnected, and you cannot send or receive domain-based email during the Grace Period.

To reinstate your domain and ensure ownership, update your payment details as soon as possible. 
The grace period does not apply for the domains ending in .com.br, .de, .fr, .me, or .mx. Click here to learn more.

To update your payment details:

  1. Go to Premium Subscriptions in your Wix account. 
  2. Click Update Payment Method under the relevant domain.
A screenshot of the Update Payment Method button for a domain.
  1. Update your credit card details.
  2. Click Submit.
What happens if payment isn't made?
If payment is not made during the Grace Period, your domain enters the Redemption Period. You'll need to pay a redemption fee to retrieve your domain. The amount due is displayed in your account, and local taxes, if applicable, are added to the total on checkout. After the Redemption Period, your domain is at risk of being purchased by someone else. For these reasons, we recommend resolving any payment issues immediately to avoid possibly losing your domain. 
If you are not sure why your payment failed, contact your bank or credit card company for more information.

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