Retrieving an Expired Domain During the Redemption Period

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When a domain expires, whether due to payment failure or the auto-renew being turned off, it enters a grace period lasting about 30 days. During this time, you can retrieve your domain without any additional cost. Learn more about the domain life cycle.
If you do not retrieve your domain during this time, your domain enters the redemption period. During this period, you can still retrieve your domain, however you will need to pay a fee of $100 USD.
At the end of the redemption period you cannot renew your domain name and it is released. At this point, the domain can be registered by another user.
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Checking if your domain is in the redemption period

Use to check if your domain is in the redemption period. If you wish to retrieve the domain by purchasing the subscription, you can do so by contacting your domain host.

To check your domain:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your domain name.
    Note: This is how the status of your domain is displayed in
  1. (Optional) If your domain is in the redemption period and you wish to repurchase it, contact the relevant domain host:
    • For Wix domains: Contact Wix Customer Care.
    • For domains hosted elsewhere: Contact your domain host.


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