Wix Bookings: About Syncing Personal Calendars with Wix Bookings

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Sync the Wix Bookings calendar with your personal calendar to help you manage your business and your appointments. Syncing calendars is a great way to avoid double bookings and check when you and your staff are unavailable to take appointments each week.
Before you begin:
Make sure you upgrade to a Premium plan to sync your personal calendar with Wix Bookings. 

Share the benefits of synced calendars with your staff

As the site owner, you can sync your own calendar and invite your staff to sync their personal calendars. This helps keep everyone's calendars as up to date as possible each week. 
Screenshot showing how to invite a staff member to sync their personal calendar in the staff tab in the dashboard.

Prevent double bookings

Synced calendars connect to each other and share information, which makes it easier to plan upcoming weeks and months.
When you sync a personal calendar with the Wix Bookings calendar, all meetings appear in both places, so you always know when you're busy or free. Meetings from your personal calendar show as "Busy" time in the Bookings Calendar.
You can connect either a Google, Microsoft (Outlook or Office 365) or an Apple calendar to Wix Bookings.
A screenshot showing blocked off time from a synced calendar.

Sync your Google Calendar with Wix Bookings

When you sync your Google calendar with Wix Bookings, your clients' sessions with you appear on your Google calendar. Your personal appointments also block off time in your Bookings calendar. This is a two-way sync.
The information you see in your personal calendar depends on the type of service that a client books:
  • Appointments: You can access all the information you need about your upcoming service: The service name, address, customer name and contact details, and which staff member is providing the service.
  • Classes and Courses The name of the class or course appears in your personal calendar (except for Apple calendar). Note that even if no one booked a session, classes and courses still appear in your personal calendar.
A screenshot showing how to sync your google calendar with the Booking calendar.

Sync your Apple Calendar with Wix Bookings

When you sync Wix Bookings with your Apple Calendar (iCal), you can view your personal and business appointments in one place.
You can choose to import upcoming personal appointments from Apple Calendar to your Wix calendar. You can also import upcoming Bookings sessions from your Wix calendar to your Apple calendar.
Apple requires you to create a specific kind of password to sync your Wix Bookings calendar with your Apple calendar. 
A screenshot showing how to sync your Apple iCal with the Booking calendar.

Sync your Microsoft calendar with Wix Bookings

Sync your Microsoft calendar (Outlook or Office365) calendar with Wix Bookings to view your business and personal appointments in one place. 
You can choose which of your personal calendars you want to include in the sync. This is a great way to block off time for birthdays, weddings and even public holidays. 
A screenshot showing how to choose which microsoft calendars you want to sync with Wix Bookings


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Buffer time is not added to 'busy' slots from personal calendar. You can manually extend the 'busy' slot in personal calendar to allow for the additional time you need as a buffer.

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