Wix Blog: Sending New Post Notifications to Members and Site Subscribers

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Using blog notifications is a great way to build engagement for your blog posts. Every time you create a new post, you'll automatically send a notification to any site visitors who signed up for them. You can send notifications by email, in a feed on your site, or through the Spaces by Wix app.
Your visitors can sign up for notifications about new blog posts by:
  • Subscribing to your site through a form on your site
  • Becoming members of your blog
After they sign up, they'll receive notifications based on the settings you choose in your blog's notification settings. 
In this article, learn more about:

Understanding who receives notifications

Active members of your site and subscribers receive blog post notifications. However, they can become inactive if they don't open a number of post notifications in a row. To become active again, they can open any of their recent unopened post notifications. 

The following contacts do not receive notifications:

  • Contacts whose email address are incorrect or whose email address is out of date in your Contacts list.
  • Contacts who previously marked a notification email from you as spam.
  • Contacts who Wix previously tried to email, but the address was undeliverable.
  • Contacts who unsubscribed from your notifications using the link in an email or the Settings page on their Member Account.
  • Contacts using a different language on your site to the post's language. For example, if you have an English language site but you have contacts who are in a different locale, the email will only go to English language contacts or contacts with no location indicated.
  • Members you have blocked. 
  • Post authors do not receive notifications for the own posts. 
  • Inactive contacts Learn more about active and inactive contacts.
Currently, it's not possible to send notifications for specific posts. Vote for this feature

Notifying members

The Members Area is the ideal place for your blog readers to get to know each other and interact. Your members can choose to follow posts, subscribe to the blog, and customize their notification preferences. 
When a visitor signs up as a member, they are automatically subscribed to receive notifications about new blog posts. They can unsubscribe by clicking Unsubscribe in their notification settings. Learn more about the Members Area

To manage your notifications as a site member:

  1. Go to the live site and log in.
  2. Click your profile and select My Account.
A screenshot of the profile bar on a live site and the option for My Account.
  1. Click the Settings tab.
  2. Select the relevant option: 
    • Unsubscribe: Unsubscribe from all blog activity so you do not get notifications. 
    • Posts or comments are liked: Enable the toggle to receive notifications when your posts or comments are liked by other members. 
    • Comments on posts: Enable the toggle to receive notifications when members add comments to your posts. 
A screenshot of the notification settings options in the live site.
It is not possible to send notifications to specific members only.

Adding a subscribe form

You can add a subscribe form to your site so that your visitors can get notifications by adding their email address. Everyone who signs up using the form is automatically added as a subscriber in your Contact List. Learn more about subscribe forms

To add a subscribe form:

  1. Click Add  on the left side of the Editor.
  2. Click Contact & Forms.
  3. Click Subscribe.
A screenshot showing the Add panel in the Editor and the types of subscribe forms available.
  1. Select a form and drag it onto your site.
  2. Click Publish.

Customizing your notification settings

You can select which notifications are sent out when you create a new post in your blog's notification settings in your dashboard. 
You can choose to send notifications to:
  • Author followers: Members of your site who follow specific authors through the member's area.
  • Blog subscribers: Site visitors who subscribed through a form on your site, or who you add manually from your Contact List. 
  • Site members: Visitors who sign up to be members of your site.

To customize your notification settings

  1. Go to Blog in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Published.
  3. Select Blog settings from the More Actions drop-down menu.
  4. Click Manage beside Manage your notifications & emails.
  5. Click Preview & Edit beside When: New blog post is published.
A screenshot of the Preview and Edit button in the notifications you send section of your dashboard.
  1. Select who you want to receive notifications. You can choose from author followers, blog subscribers, and site members. 
A screenshot showing the option to select or deselect for who receives the notifications.
  1. Select the ways you want to send notifications under Select channels. You can choose to send notifications by email, through the Spaces by Wix app, or in your site feed.
  2. Click Save

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