Email Marketing: Understanding Your Monthly Balance

This article refers to the new email marketing plans launched at the start of 2023. If you have an existing Ascend by Wix plan, your monthly balance is still determined by the number of campaigns you send a month. Learn more about your balance if you are an existing Ascend by Wix customer.
Your email marketing balance shows the number of emails you can send to recipients each month. You can send an unlimited amount of email marketing campaigns as long as you remain within your email limit. You can send 200 emails a month for free, or upgrade your plan to send more emails.

Actions that impact your monthly balance

Your balance is impacted every time you send or schedule an email, including automated emails.

Actions that impact your monthly balance:

  • Sending an email
  • Resending an email
  • Triggering an automated or transactional email. (Transactional emails refer to order confirmation emails, shipping confirmation, password reset).
  • Scheduling an email campaign. (If you schedule a campaign to be sent to 50 contacts in one week, those 50 emails are automatically deducted from your quota).

Actions that do not impact your monthly balance:

Sending a test email: You can send yourself a test email or campaign and see how it looks to subscribers.

Checking your monthly balance

You can check how many emails you've sent in the current month from your email marketing dashboard. You can also see the date your balance resets. If you've used up your limit for the month you can either wait until the balance resets or upgrade your plan.
When does my balance reset?
The date your balance and email quota resets is determined by your plan.
  • Free email marketing plans: The quota resets on the first day of each month at 00:01 UTC for all time zones.
  • Premium email marketing plans: The quota resets at the same date and time you purchased the plan. For example, if you upgraded your plan on January 5th at 8:15 UTC, your balance renews on February 5th at 8:15 UTC.

To check your monthly balance:

  1. Go to Email Marketing in your site's dashboard.
  2. Under Monthly balance you can view your current balance as well as a progress bar that shows how close you are to the limit.
A screenshot of the monthly balance section of the email marketing dashboard.

Upgrading your email marketing balance

To send more emails per month, upgrade your email marketing plan and choose the package that works for your business.
Want to compare plans before upgrading?
Compare the different email marketing plans to see which is right for your business.

To upgrade your email marketing balance:

  1. Go to Email Marketing in your site's dashboard.
  2. Under Monthly Balance click Upgrade to Send More.
  3. Select an email marketing plan and checkout.

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