Wix Blog: Customizing the Email Notification Sent to Your Site Visitors

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Increase engagement by sending custom email notifications whenever you publish a post. You can control who the notifications are sent to, where they are sent, and what they look like from the Notifications You Send tab on your site's dashboard.
The Notifications You Send tab lets you control your notification settings for any Wix apps that you're using.
Go to the Notifications You Send tab.

In this article, we'll show you how to:

Choosing which readers notifications are sent to

You can choose who you want to send the notifications to. Think about who's more likely to appreciate these notifications coming into their inbox. You can choose to send notifications to just one, two, or all three of the groups.

To choose who notifications are sent to:

  1. Click Preview & Edit next to When: New blog post is published.
  1. Choose which people you want to send the notification to:
    • Author followers: Send notifications to people following the author of the blog post.
    • Blog subscribers: Send notifications to anyone subscribed to your blog.
    • Site members: Send notifications to people that have signed up to your site and become members. 
  2. Click Save.

Choose how the notifications are sent

Decide how you want the notifications to be sent out. You can choose to send it out across multiple channels if you wish. 

To choose how notifications are sent:

  1. Click Preview & Edit next to When: New blog post is published.
  1. Click the toggles to enable or disable a notification channel:
    • Email: If you choose to enable this toggle, email notifications are sent out to your chosen recipients. 
    • Mobile App: If you choose to enable this toggle, push notifications and in-app notifications appear on their device. 
    • Site Feed: If you choose to enable this toggle, a live notification feed appears on your site. 
  2. Click Save

Customize the email notification

Personalize the email notification so it matches your site and brand. This way, your readers are more likely to appreciate what you send and actively engage with what they see.

To customize the email notification:

  1. Click Preview & Edit next to When: New blog post is published.
  1. Click Edit under the Email channel.
If you don't see this box, click the Email toggle to enable this channel.
  1. Click Edit next to Subject Line and Preview Text to customize what readers see in their inbox.
4.  Click the Add icon  on the left to add additional elements to your email.
5.  Click the Background icon  on the left to customize the background color.
6.  When you're done customizing, click Continue at the top right.
7.  Click Save in the pop-up.
Want to learn more?
Your email notification is fully customizable. You can also create custom Email Marketing campaigns. Learn more about creating, customizing and sending emails here.

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