Top Reasons for Using a Personalized Business Email

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Once you've purchased a Premium plan and a domain, the next step is to purchase a business email address for your domain (e.g., 

Wix offers seamless integration with Google Workspace which allows you to manage many Google Workspace applications under your personalized domain name.

The top reasons for using a personalized or branded email address include:

Professionalism: When contemplating your professional appearance in the eyes of potential and existing customers, everything should be considered, including your email address. Using a business email address such as instead of will dramatically enhance the professional appearance of your business.
Usability: As a business owner looking to attract new customers and retain existing ones, you want to use an email address that both you and your customers will easily remember.
Flexibility: Creating customized email addresses for your business offers a new level of flexibility and organization to your business email correspondences. For instance, you can create custom addresses for specific needs such as or
Trustworthiness: These days, most people think of cyber security on some level when engaging in any online activity. That is why it is best to minimize any potential fear customers may have concerning the safety of communicating with you via email. Having a customized email address is a great, easy way to add to your professional trustworthiness.
Marketing: Using a custom email address will reinforce brand awareness for your business as well as boost your business's credibility. You can build customer relationships with simple and powerful email marketing tools. Wix Email Marketing is a great example for an easy way to send beautiful newsletters to your customers.
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