Site Members: Managing the Notifications of Your Members Area

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When your members log in to your site's Members Area, or your site in the Wix member apps on their phone, they see a notification feed that informs them of new activity. New activity can include another member liking a comment they wrote, or a new blog post being published. 
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Viewing notifications as a member

Members can see notifications when they log into your site, or when they visit your site on one of the Wix member apps (Spaces, Fit by Wix, Dine by Wix). A notification bell informs them of new updates. Clicking the bell directs your members to the notification feed for more details.    
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Managing notifications as a member

Your members can control the email notifications they receive in the Members Area, and also which notifications they receive on the Wix member apps. 
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Controlling the notifications your members receive

Your members' notifications are managed in the Notifications You Send page in your site's dashboard. If you've added apps such as Wix Blog, Wix Forum, or Wix Groups to your site, you can manage the notifications that your members receive for new activity. 
Choose how and where to notify site members: via email, through push notifications on their mobile device, the Members Area's notification feed or all options. 
A screenshot of the Notifications You Send page in the dashboard.

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