Site Members: Customizing Your Members Area

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After adding a Members Area to your site, there are many ways to make it your own. You can change the way it looks, customize the Login Bar and Menu, and add content you want your members to see.
Change the language of your Members Area:
You can change your site's language from the dashboard. This automatically changes the language of any Members Area elements and pages. 

Change the layout of your Members Area

Choose a layout for the pages of your Members Area, and customize it as you wish. There are two layouts for you to choose from:
  • Full Width: This layout shows the Member Profile Card and the Member Menu at the top of every member page. Members can choose their own picture for the header to personalize their profile.
  • Cards: This layout shows the Member Profile Card and the Member Menu on the left of every member page.  
Using Editor X?
The default layout for your Members Area is Full Width. Currently, it's not possible to switch to the Cards layout. 
Changing the member page layout in Wix Editor

Customize the Login Bar and Menu

Members use the Login Bar to sign in to your Members Area. After they sign in, they can click the Login Bar to access a menu with your member pages. 

Set up the Login Bar

Choose what information the Login Bar displays; You can show the member's profile pic and name, or just one of these on the Login Bar. You can also personalize the text that members see before and after logging in to your site.
The Login Bar Settings panel in Wix Editor

Customize the layout and design

Customize the layout and design of the Login Bar to match your style. You can change settings like fill color, borders, alignment and icon sizes. These changes affect both the Login Bar and its menu.
A screenshot of the Login Bar design panel where you can customize the Login Bar and Menu

Create your own member pages

The member menu displays all the pages in a member's account. It allows members to access private pages that store their personal info, and public pages where they can interact and see information about other members. You can always add new pages with exclusive content and hide pages you don't need
Some pages are automatically added with certain Wix apps (e.g., a My Orders page for Wix Stores), but you can always hide a page from a specific menu or delete it altogether. You can also create pages of your own with exclusive content. 
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