Refunding Customers

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This article is relevant for Wix Stores, Wix Bookings, and Wix Restaurants Orders (New) orders.
To provide good customer service, it is sometimes necessary to issue refunds. Refunds are processed in different ways, depending on the payment method used. Click the relevant link in the table below to learn how to provide a refund and update your store order.
Payment Method
PayPal, Stripe, or Wix Payments
Other payment gateways
Manual (offline) payments
Order paid for with more than one 
payment method
You can also:
  • Refunds may be subject to processing fees charged by the payment processor.
  • After providing your customer with a partial refund, you can provide another refund for part or all of the remaining amount.   
  • Check out the full course in Wix Learn on building your store or skip to the video on managing your orders.

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