Reasons for Not Receiving a Free Domain Voucher

If you signed up for a yearly Premium Plan (Combo, Unlimited or VIP), you are eligible to receive a free domain voucher.
If you didn't receive the voucher, or believe it wasn't credited to your domain purchase, you may not have been eligible for one of the following reasons: 
  • You purchased a monthly plan: The free domain voucher is offered as a gift with purchase of a yearly Combo, Unlimited or VIP Premium Plan. If you purchased a monthly plan you are not eligible for the free domain voucher.
  • You purchased your domain name before you purchased a Premium Plan: If you purchased your domain name prior to purchasing your Wix plan, it is not possible to apply the voucher retroactively or offer you a refund. If you received the voucher and already have a domain name you are welcome to use it for the purchase of another domain name.
  • Additional Features: You redeemed your voucher, but purchased additional features such as privacy, or additional years of service on top of this.
If none of the points above apply to you, please submit a ticket and we will be happy to check the status of your voucher.

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