About Your Free Domain Voucher

As a promotional gift, you receive a one year free domain voucher with the initial purchase of a yearly Combo, Unlimited, Pro, VIP, Business Basic, Business Unlimited, Business VIP Premium plan or Editor X plans. 
  • This voucher is only included with the first time purchase of a Premium plan. It is not included when renewing a plan or upgrading an existing plan. The voucher is included when changing your subscription period from monthly to yearly.
  • You can view your current vouchers on your Vouchers page

Important Voucher Information:

  • The 1 Year Free Domain voucher entitles you to claim a free domain for one year. Claiming a domain name is a subscription service and requires credit card authorization. You are not charged for the first year of the domain subscription. Your credit card details are required for our system to process renewal payments to keep your domain live after your first free year.
  • You have two months, from the date that you purchased your Premium Plan, to claim the voucher. You can check the expiration date in the 'Valid until' column on your Vouchers page.
  • The voucher is valid for the following extensions: .com, .com.au, .co.uk, .net, .org, .art, .at (incl. co.at & or.at), .be, .biz, .blog, .ca, .ch, .club, .coach, .com.br, .fit, .fitness, .fun, .in (including .co.in, .org.in, .firm.in, .gen.in, ind.in, .net.in), .info, .live, .nl, .online, .pictures, .rocks, .space, .shop, .store, .studio, .training, .work, .xyz, .yoga, and .de (Germany only).
  • You can also choose to redeem your voucher when transferring a domain to Wix
  • The free domain voucher does not include the Private Registration. You can purchase this option for an additional fee.
  • The free domain voucher cannot be applied retroactively to a domain purchased before the Premium plan including the voucher.

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