Pricing Plans: Restricting Page Access to Paying Members

Want to offer your paying clients access to exclusive content? Just connect your pricing plans to your members-only pages to set up a paywall. 
Before you begin:
  1. Add the Pricing Plans app.
  2. Add a Members Area.
  3. Create the plans you want to offer on your site.

To limit access to pages to specific plan holders:

  1. Access your site's page list in the Editor:
    • Wix Editor: Click Pageson the left side of the Editor.
    • Editor X:  Click the Pages icon  in the top bar of Editor X.
  2. Hover over the relevant page and click the Show More icon .
    Tip: Make sure you don't restrict the main (original) Pricing Plans page. You can, however, restrict other pages where you display plans. You can also hide the main page.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click the Permissions tab.
  5. Select Members Only.
  6. Select Only selected members or paying customers.
  7. Click the Edit icon under Select from your Pricing Plans.

  1. Select one or more pricing plans and click Apply.

After you connected pages to a plan, you can click the plan in the Manage Plans tab and scroll down to Page Permissions section. There you can now see the site pages you connected. 
To manage all of your page permissions (both for paying and non-paying members) click Manage. 
In the Page Permissions table, you can more easily see and manage all your pricing plans (displayed on top) and your members only pages (displayed on the left).

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