Merging Contacts

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Duplicate contacts can sometimes be created when the same person uses different contact information on your site, such as a personal email and a work email address. 
You can merge up to 5 contacts into 1. The contact card displays information from all contacts, including labels and activity data, and you can choose the main contact from which the name, image, company, position, assignee and custom fields are taken.
Always check duplicate contacts for accuracy, as merging contacts cannot be undone.

To merge duplicate contacts:

  1. Go to Contacts in your site's dashboard.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the contacts you want to merge. 
  1. Click Merge Contacts.
  1. Select the main contact. If the main contact selected needs to be changed, click Make Main Contact.
  1. Click Preview, and review the contact information. 
    Note: If you need to change the main contact, click Back.
  2. Select the I want to merge these contacts. I know this can't be undone checkbox.
  3. Click Merge Contacts.
Want to merge 2 site members?
  • If you want to merge 2 site members, you must first delete one of the site members. After deleting, the deleted site member will still appear in Contacts. You can then merge both contacts (see steps above). 
  • When you delete a site member, their subscriptions are canceled, and they can no longer log in to your site. 

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