Maintaining Your Site's Google Rankings with URL Redirects when Moving to Wix

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To set up URL Redirects:
URL Redirects allow you to maintain your previous site's Google search ranking data when moving your site to Wix. URL Redirects also send people to your new Wix site when they click on old links in search results. 
Even if Google hasn't checked in on your site in months, result links will bring visitors to your new site rather than showing them a 404 broken page error. 
It is not possible to use a Source Link with a # in the URL or to redirect to a blog page or list item.

URL redirects for moving to Wix with the same domain

When building your new site with Wix, create new pages with URLs that match the ones from your old site. If you have new pages, and cannot match the new URLs to the old ones, you can retain your SEO rankings by creating a URL redirect

Once you have published your new Wix site, make sure to verify your site with Google Search Console or other search engines. You can then submit your sitemap directly to Google. 
To connect to Google Search Console, you must have a Premium plan and a domain connected to your site. This can be either a domain purchased from Wix or a domain purchased from another domain host.

URL redirects for moving to Wix with a new domain

Add your old domain to your Wix account and connect it as a secondary domain to your new domain. This will set up a URL redirect from the old domain to the new domain. 

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Getting the most out of your URL redirects

Click below for tips on how to effectively create your URL redirects:

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