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Welcome to Wix - you’ve come to the right place. Whether you're a business owner, a creative professional, or someone looking to establish an online presence, Wix offers an intuitive platform that empowers you to bring your vision to life.
We offer so much more than just a beautiful website. Manage your entire business from your Wix account, including your contacts, products, services and sales. Promote your business using business emails, social posts and stay up-to-date with your site's analytics.
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Follow the steps below to get started on your Wix journey.

Step 1 | Create a free account

Wix is 100% free to sign up. You can create a fully functioning website and manage your business without needing to pay a cent. You can also create as many sites as you want in one Wix account. Learn more about building a site for free.

After you've created your site and set up your business, you can decide if you want to upgrade to make use of Wix's Premium features, such as connecting a domain, removing Wix ads and more.
Sign up to create a free Wix account.

Step 2 | Build your site

Wix offers 800+ website templates to help get you started on your website creation journey. Each of these templates have been carefully researched and curated by our own designers, to make sure they best fit current trends and industry needs.

All of our templates are fully customizable, meaning you can change them up as much as you want. Play with the design and layout, update and remove content, and add apps until you transform the template into a site that fits your style and business needs.
A selection of Wix templates that are available to customize at Wix.
Customize anything with intuitive drag and drop technology to look exactly the way you want. Make your website stand out with design features like media galleries, video backgrounds, parallax scroll, animation and more.
If you don't want to use a template and have something very specific in mind, you can start from a blank canvas.
Building sites for clients?
If you're an agency, head to Wix Studio. Wix Studio is the ultimate, end-to-end solution that includes smart design capabilities and flexible dev tools that let you deliver exceptional results for clients in any industry. It also includes a range of fully responsive and beautiful templates.

Step 3 | Set up your business

With Wix, you have the freedom to create a website that perfectly fits your needs. We offer over 250 apps and services you can add to your website. 

Sell products with an online store, provide services and take bookings, share your thoughts on a blog, showcase your work with a beautiful portfolio, and much more. Our solutions are built not only for a variety of industries, but also for businesses of all sizes, from a personal brand to an enterprise corporation.
A selection of sites with different types of businesses, built with Wix.
Looking for a specific business type?
Go ahead and explore Wix's Business Solutions.

Step 4 | Choose a Premium plan

You can use Wix completely for free. However, you might want to upgrade your site with a Premium plan to access premium features including:
  • Connecting your own domain
  • Removing Wix ads
  • Accepting payments
  • Additional storage and bandwidth
  • Google Analytics
  • Premium support
Don't worry about committing to a plan. You can change plans or cancel a plan at any time. You can also assign a plan to another site in your Wix account. Learn more about upgrading your site.

Step 5 | (Optional) Set up payments

Accept payments for goods or services directly through your site. Wix offers different payment methods and providers depending on your location. 

Connect Wix Payments to manage your entire business, payments and payouts right from your dashboard. If Wix Payments isn’t available in your region, or you’d like to connect a different payment provider, select from 70+ payment options offered on Wix worldwide. In most countries, you can select one or more of Credit CardPayPal and Manual payments to appear on your checkout page. This gives your customers more ways to pay. 
A screenshot showing how you can accept payments on your Wix site.
Depending on the availability and choice of your payment provider, you may also offer alternative options to your customers such as Apple Pay, cryptocurrency payments, recurring payments, BNPL (buy now, pay later) payments, Point of Sale, payments for CBD products, and more. 
Ready to start accepting payments on your site?
Explore the payment options for your site.

Step 6 | Manage and grow your business

Once your site is all set up, its time to grow your business. Wix has tons of solutions to help you promote and expand, and to help you reach the right audience:

  • Complete SEO solution: Optimize your site for search engines by using Wix's SEO tools. This will help increase your website's visibility online.
  • AI-driven Facebook and Instagram ads: Create a dynamic ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram with Facebook Ads with Wix. Take advantage of Wix's Smart Algorithm that continually optimizes and tests your campaign so you get the best possible results.
  • Integrate marketing tools: Use Wix's suite of marketing tools, to engage with your audience through email campaigns, social media, and more.
  • Monitor analytics: Keep track of your website's performance using Wix Analytics. Understand your audience, track site traffic, and make informed decisions to drive growth.
A marketing image of different tools you can use to grow your business, including an email campaign and an Instagram ad.
Manage your business like a pro:
Stay up-to-date while on the go, with the Wix Owner app. Manage all aspects of your business and communicate with your members, right from your mobile device.


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