Deleting a Site

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  • Premium Sites: When moving a Premium site to trash, you must first cancel the Premium Plan assigned to it. Or, you can reassign the plan to another site in your account.
  • Connected Domains: When moving a site with a connected domain to trash, the domain remains unassigned in your account. You can reassign it to another site or cancel it.
  • Third-Party Apps: It is not possible to move a site with an active Third-Party App subscription to trash. You must first cancel the subscription and wait until it expires.
Click to delete your site now.
Delete Site
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You can delete sites by moving them to the trash from your site's dashboard or your Editor. 

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Changed your mind?
You can restore your site if it has been in the trash for less than 90 days. Sites in the trash are permanently deleted after 90 days. 

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