Content Manager: Working With Wix App Collections

Wix app collections are collections that get added to your site when you add some Wix apps. One example is Wix Stores, which comes with a Products collection. Another example is Wix Bookings, which comes with a Schedule and Services collection.
These collections are read-only. Any changes you want to make must take place in the relevant app manager. 

How do Wix app collections work?

Wix app collections contain information about the items in your Wix app. For example, if you have Wix Stores on your site, your Products collection will contain information about the products you sell in your store. The fields (columns) in the collection provide information about each item (row), such as the item's name, stock number, price, and image.

Every time you add a new app item or make changes to an existing item in your dashboard, the changes are automatically reflected in your collection. 
Velo by Wix Users: You can also write code that references these collections to add customized features to your apps. Learn how here. See the app examples in the Velo by Wix Examples site.

Wix app collection fields

You can view information about the specific fields (columns) in each app collection. Each article lists the fields in the collection, including the field name, field key (relevant for Velo by Wix), field type, a brief description, whether the field can connect to data, and whether it can be sorted or filtered.

Wix app collection permissions

Wix app collections have limited permissions that cannot be changed. Each collection permission (read, create, update, delete) is assigned a role. Permissions affect what your visitors can do with the collection content. 
You can see the collection's permission settings by clickingPermissions in the top right of your Database Collection. 

How to show or hide Wix App Collections

Because your Wix app collections are stored in the Content Manager with all of your other collections, it can start to look a bit crowded. You have the option to hide Wix app collections, so they are not displayed anywhere in the Content Manager.
A screenshot of the Advanced Settings panel showing the Wix App Collections toggle enabled.

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