Adding and Setting Up the Mobile Action Bar

If you have the old Mobile Action bar on your site, you can switch to the new and improved Quick Action bar. Click here to learn how.
The Mobile Action Bar is an add-on layer for your site when accessed from a mobile device. It allows your visitors to contact you directly with the click of a button via phone, email or social media.
The Mobile Action Bar option may not appear if you've enabled Wix Chat. If you do not see this option, delete Wix Chat from your site and try again.

To add the Mobile Action Bar:

  1. Click Mobile on the left side of the mobile Editor.
  2. Click Mobile Action Bar.
  3. Click the toggle to enable it next to Show on your mobile site.
  4. Click the toggles under What's on the bar? to display or hide the features: 
    • Site Menu: Displays your site menu.
    • Phone No: Displays your phone number.
    • Email: Displays your email address.
    • Address: Displays your address.
    • Social Networks: Enabling this allows you to select your social network preferences and enter your links.
       Note: Once you enable a feature for the Mobile Action Bar, you must complete the information for it to work.
  5. Select an option for the color scheme under Color Scheme.
  • The Mobile Action Bar does not display in preview mode. You can only see it when viewing your published site on a mobile device.
  • The Mobile Action Bar is not displayed if you have hidden your header and footer in your page layout.

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