Wix Chat: Deleting Wix Chat

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Wix Chat is a tool that allows your visitors to chat with you live through a chatbox on your site. It is often included with Wix site templates so it may be on your site without you realizing. If you do not want visitors to have the option to chat to you, you can delete Wix Chat.
Deleting Wix Chat removes all chat elements completely from your site and your apps. This includes push notifications, chat visibility, new message display, chat form and members chat. You'll still have access to any previous chats from Wix Inbox in your site's dashboard.
Not sure you want to delete Wix Chat? Keep it and make it work for you:
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Deleting Wix Chat from your site

To remove Wix Chat completely, all you need to do is delete the chatbox from your site's Editor. Chatboxes can have different designs but they generally appear at the bottom right of your site and look something like this:
Or this:
Wix Editor
Editor X
  1. Select the chatbox in your Editor.
  2. Press Delete on your keyboard.
  3. Click Publish to make the changes go live.
If you can't find it, it's possible that you set it to appear on specific pages only. Check each of your site's pages to see if it's there.

Troubleshooting issues with deleting Wix Chat

Here are the most common issues with deleting Wix Chat. Click an issue to see how to solve it.

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