Wix Studio FAQs: Transitioning from Editor X

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In the coming months, Editor X will fully transition to Wix Studio, our new platform for agencies and freelancers. This will happen gradually, and we're currently in the process of releasing an update that lets you seamlessly move Editor X sites to Studio in just a few clicks.
Eventually, all Editor X sites will be updated to Studio. Starting April 2024, you'll no longer be able to create new sites on Editor X. 
We've closed the sign-up for Editor X. If you have existing Editor X sites, you can keep working on them for now – but we highly recommend starting any new projects on Wix Studio.


Switch to Wix Studio:
If you haven’t stepped into the Studio yet, now’s a great time to make the switch. Packed with powerful design features on top of all the capabilities you already know, plus a brand new collaborative workspace, Wix Studio allows you to deliver exceptional work at scale.

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