Wix Stores: Letting Customers Know About Discounts

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Spread the word about the discounts you're offering to make sure that all your customers know about them. 

There's several ways you can promote your discounts that include displaying them in different ways on your site, and by publicizing them in your social media accounts and email campaigns.

Placing a banner at the top of your site

You can place a banner at top of your site highlighting your discount so that everyone sees it when they browse your site.

Adding an image or video strip

You can add a strip to your site with a beautiful image or video background to grab your customers' attention. Attach any content you want to your strip including text and decorative items, and change the scroll effect to make sure nobody misses it.

Creating a lightbox

Another option is a pop up lightbox that you set to appear after a customer is on your site for a set period of time. A lightboox is a great way to grab your visitors' attention and showcase your discount. You can add elements to the pop-up message, decide when it's triggered, and choose how visitors close it.

Sharing on social media and emails

Spread the word to your contacts and social media followers by showcasing your discounts on offer in:

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