Wix Stores: Editing Advanced SEO Settings for Products

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When you publish your Wix site, we add default meta tags based on each product's details (e.g. name, description, price), as well as common best practices for SEO tags. If you make any changes to your product, the tags are automatically updated as well. 

Structured data markup

Structured data markup is a standardized format for giving search engines detailed information about your page. Adding markup to your site's pages can help improve your website's search results and ranking. Search engines can also use markup to create rich results with additional information about your products.
Your Wix Stores product pages already come with preset markup when you create them. You can view the preset markup, create a custom markup from the preset markup, or create new custom markups in your site's SEO Settings.

Default tags

Wix adds default SEO settings to each of your store products so that search engines and social networks can display them properly to potential customers. However, you can always customize these advanced settings to your needs. 

Editing your canonical URL

There can be duplicate versions of the same page if you apply tracking parameters to the end of its URL, or if one version of the URL contains "www" and another does not. 
The canonical URL is a meta tag that defines the primary URL of a given page. If there are multiple versions of your page's URL, this meta tag tells search engines which version they should index and show to potential site visitors. 
Wix automatically creates a default canonical URL for all of your pages, but you can easily customize it in the Advanced tab.
To restore the canonical URL to its default:
Delete all text in the Canonical URL text box then press Enter on your keyboard. Learn more 

Adding additional meta tags

Wix automatically adds all the required meta tags to your products based on common SEO best practices. You can add any additional meta tags of your own to the code if they were not already added as part of the default tags.

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