Wix Stores: About Your Storefront

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Your storefront is made up of one or more Product Galleries and Widgets, the Product Page, Cart Icon, Mini Cart, Cart Page, Checkout Page and Thank You Page. It's a good idea to get to know the parts of your store before you start creating your store.

A Product Gallery is where you display your products. Choose from a variety of layouts and grids.
Customize your Product Gallery.  Learn how

Product Widget

A Product Widget is an element you add to your store to display one specific product. They're great for highlighting a sale item or showcasing a new arrival on any site page.
Customize your Product Widget. Learn how

Product Page

The Product Page is where site visitors can view complete information about a product. From here, customers can add a product to the Cart.
The Product Page is a dynamic page, which means you only have to customize it once. The design stays the same but it displays whatever product the shopper selects.
Customize your Product Page. Learn how

Mini Cart

The Mini Cart lets customers see what’s in their cart while they’re still shopping. When a customer adds an item to the cart, the Mini Cart appears at the side of the page, displaying information about products that were added to the cart.
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Cart Icon

The Cart Icon appears in your header so customers can see it no matter where they are in your site. Clicking the Cart Icon takes shoppers to the Cart Page.
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Cart Page

In the Cart Page, customers can review their order, see a preview of shipping and tax costs and proceed to Checkout.
To preview this page, go to your live site, add a product to your cart, and then go to your cart.
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Checkout Page

The Checkout Page is where customers complete their purchase. They are asked to provide information such as shipping details, billing info, and more.
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Thank You Page

As soon as a customer completes the checkout, they are taken to the Thank You Page where they see a brief overview of their order.
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