Wix Stores: Customizing Your Product Page

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If you see these options when you click the Product Page in the Editor, you have the new version of the Product Page. Learn how to customize the new Product Page.
The Product Page is a dynamic page which displays detailed information about each of your products.
Screenshot of the product page on a sample site
The page's design is always the same, but the contents (product images and text) changes according to which product is displayed. 
Any customizations you make to the Product Page, such as changing the background color or button text, affect all products. Changes made to a product in the Store Products tab in your site's dashboard affect only that product. 
  • No need to add the Product Page. It's added automatically when you add Wix Stores.
  • The Product Page cannot be deleted.
In this article, learn how to:

Accessing the Product Page settings

To get started, navigate to the Product Page and access the settings.
Screenshot of the Product Page in the Wix Editor and the Settings button outlined

To access the Product Page settings:

  1. Go to your editor.
  2. Click Pages & Menu  on the left side of the editor.
  3. Click Store Pages
  4. Click Product Page.
  5. Click the Product Page element on your page.

Customizing the layout & image display

Click the Layout tab to select the best Product Page layout for your shop. Then, customize how images are displayed. 
The image options vary according to the layout you select.

Customizing display settings

Click the Settings tab to select what elements you want to show or hide on the Product Page and customize the buttons. 
The Product Page comes with the Add to Cart button enabled by default. You can also enable the wishlist icon as well as the Buy Now button.
Screenshot of some of the available buttons that can be displayed on the Product Page in a Wix site
Additionally, you can show customers the best payment method for them (instead of the Buy Button) based on the customer's location, payment history, and more. This option works if you have connected a relevant payment methods (e.g. PayPal, Apple Pay). 
Screenshot of some of the available buttons that can be displayed on the Product Page in a Wix site
You can add a low stock message when inventory is less than 10 (e.g. Only 3 left in stock) and let customers notify you when they are interested in an item that is out of stock. Learn how

Edit Product Page button text

Click the Text tab to edit any of the text options that can appear on the Product Page buttons. 
If you disabled the Add to Cart or Buy Now buttons, you won't see these options. 

Adding a wishlist

A wishlist is a great way to let customers keep track of products they like. Customers click the wishlist icon to add an item to their personal list.
Screenshot of the wishlist button in a site with Wix Stores
To get started, click Add Wishlist. The wishlist icon is added to the Product Page next to the Add to Cart button. A personal wishlist page appears in each customers personal Members Area.
For complete instructions on adding and customizing the wishlist, click here.

Customizing the Product Page design

You can customize the colors, fonts, button styles and more to create a look that suits your store's vibe. To get started, click the Design tab.
Available customizations may vary depending on the layout and setting options you chose.

Customize design options:

  • You can change the privacy settings to restrict access to the Product Page. Learn how
  • You can also restrict access to certain products and not others. Learn how 

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