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Stylize and enhance your images with the Wix Photo Studio. With an abundance of filters, enhancement tools and decorative options, you can totally transform your image in just a few minutes.
The Wix Photo Studio is embedded in your Editor, meaning you can easily navigate to it without disrupting the building of your site. Images you edit are saved as new files to your Media Manager.
A before and after shot of an image edited in the Wix Photo Studio.

Accessing the Wix Photo Studio

Accessing the Wix Photo Studio varies depending on the platform you are building your site on, e.g., Editor or Editor X. Your creative process won't be interrupted on either platform, as the Photo Studio is included in the Media Manager of each Editor.
Screenshot of Media panel selected from left navigation bar in the Editor. Photo Studio option highlighted.

Tools available

Completely transform your images with the vast range of editing tools available in the Wix Photo Studio. Play with the tools and enhance your images by adding text, playful icons and atmospheric overlays.
You can cut out a section of any image that contains a dominant face, and replace the background with one of your choice. Choose from your own uploads, use our preset backgrounds, or use our AI editing tool to elevate your images. 
Lastly, give your images that professional edge by balancing highlights and shadows using our Light & Color settings. Adjust the brightness, color saturation, temperature and exposure to achieve the perfect finish.
Screenshot of Photo Studio panel, in Object Eraser settings. Image of puppies with background selected to be erased.

Editable images

You can only edit images that you have uploaded, created using the AI Image Creator, or images from Unsplash. Shutterstock images can be edited, but not downloaded after editing. It's against the Wix Terms of Use to edit Free Wix Images.
It's against the Wix Terms of Use to edit Free Wix Images.


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