Wix Media: Creating Images with the Wix AI Image Creator

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With the Wix AI Image Creator, you can create high-quality, personalized image content quickly and cost-effectively. By writing well-structured prompts and applying your preferred image style, you can generate multiple versions of an image and add it to your site.
This feature is not currently available to all users.
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You can harness the power of our AI Website builder to create a one-of-a-kind site, tailored to your business needs. 
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Generating images

You can generate images directly from the Wix Photo Studio in your Editor. 

To generate images:

  1. Go to your Editor.
  2. Click Media  on the left side of the Editor.
  3. Click Photo Studio.
A screenshot highlighting the Photo Studio in the Media panel.
  1. Click Create AI Images.
  2. Enter your prompt in the Describe your image field.
  3. Click a style for the image under Choose a style.
  4. Click Create Image.
  5. (Optional) Click Create Again to generate another image. You can also select another style and click Create Image to generate a new image in another style.
  6. Hover over the image you like best and click Choose
  7. (Optional) Edit the image further if needed.
  8. Click Save to save the image to your Media Manager.

Tips for writing prompts

A great prompt leads to the best image generation results. When writing your prompt, it's important to consider its structure, the language used and the details to include.


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