Wix Inbox: About Wix Inbox Channels

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Connect a channel to Wix Inbox to automatically route all of its incoming messages to your Wix Inbox. For example, if you connect the Facebook channel, all messages your customers send you via your Facebook page appear in your Wix Inbox. Using one interface to view and reply to messages makes your communications process more efficient.
A screenshot of Wix Inbox with messages from Facebook and Instagram.
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Access your Wix Inbox Settings to connect new channels.

Manage all of your messages in one place

When you access Wix Inbox, you see your messages from all connected channels. When you reply to a message or compose a new message, you choose your channel. For example, if your customer got in touch via Instagram, choose to send your reply to their Instagram Messenger account. If you're sending an important file, consider changing the channel to email.
A screenshot of a message being sent via the Instagram channel.
Learn how to connect:
Note: Adding Wix Chat or Wix Forms to your site automatically routes these messages/submissions to your inbox too.

You can disconnect and reconnect channels at any time.
Looking for more Wix Inbox integrations?
Contact us to request integrations with apps such as Viber, Apple Business Chat and Yelp.

Speed up your response time

Accessing all of your messages through one interface makes searching for information quick and straightforward. Easily reference previous messages to copy and paste text, and use saved replies to respond to common queries.

Save time by not having to switch between sites, and minimize the risk of visitor interactions being missed.
A screenshot of the buttons to connect the Facebook and Instagram channels.

Understand where your contacts are coming from

Within Wix Inbox, you have the full picture of where your messages are coming from. Use this to inform your communications. For example, add shipping information to your Facebook page if this is something your customers are often enquiring about via Facebook.

Share the responsibility of managing your inbox

Having all messages in one place makes it easier to delegate inbox responsibilities. Set up profiles for site collaborators so they can send personal replies to messages. You can also enable notifications so they are alerted to all incoming messages.

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