Wix Forum: Creating a Job Board

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A job board can help bring more visitors to your site and encourage them to return regularly. You can use Wix Forum to create a job board where employers can post positions and anyone can respond. 

Step 1 | Add Wix Forum to your site

Since Wix Forum allows people to interact with each other directly on your site, it's an ideal place for employers to post jobs and interact with potential candidates. To get started, let's add Wix Forum to your site.

Step 2 | Choose an appropriate layout

Customize the layout to suit your needs. You can choose from two options: classic view or card view. We recommend using the classic view as most job boards are displayed this way. 

Step 3 | Set the privacy permissions to 'Everyone'

As this is a job board, we recommend you set the permissions open to everyone. This way you can reach more potential candidates for your roles.

To change the privacy permissions:

  1. Click your forum in the Editor and click Manage Posts.
  2. Click Categories on the left menu.
  3. Choose to add a new category or hover over an existing category and click Edit.
  4. Scroll down to the Access & monetization section and select Everyone.
  5. In the Post Permission section, select Everyone with access.
  6. Click Save.
Want to monetize your job board?
Using Pricing Plans you can limit your forum page to paying members only. Learn How. 
You can choose to limit a specific category to paying members.

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