Wix Forms: Adding a Subscriber Opt-In Checkbox to a Site Form

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With Wix Forms, there are two ways to turn visitors into subscribers on your site:
  • Add a Subscribe Form: When someone adds their email address and submits a subscribe form on your site, they are automatically marked as subscribers.
  • Adding a subscriber opt-in checkbox to any form: Include a subscriber opt-in checkbox to any site form and give visitors the option to subscribe when they fill out the form.
With both these options, when visitors fill out a subscribe form or select the subscriber opt-in checkbox, they are giving you permission to send them marketing materials and emails. They are also labeled as 'subscribers' in your contact list.
This article refers to adding the opt-in checkbox to any site form. Learn how to add and set up a Get Subscribers form.

To add a subscriber opt-in checkbox to your form:

  1. Go to your Editor and click the relevant form.
  2. Click Add New Field.
  3. Click the Basic Fields tab.
  4. Scroll down and click the Add icon next to Subscriber Opt-In.
  5. Click the new field in your form. 
  6. Click Edit Field and customize it using the available options.
You can enable double opt-in in the form's settings to have subscribers verify their email before they can be added to subscribers. Double opt-in ensures your emails and marketing materials are reaching the right audience. Learn more

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