Wix Forms: Adding a Subscriber Opt-In Checkbox to a Site Form

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Add a subscriber opt-in checkbox to any of your Wix forms to turn your visitors into subscribers with one click. When visitors select the subscriber opt-in checkbox, they are giving you permission to send them marketing materials and emails. 
An example of a subscriber opt-in checkbox on a form in a live Wix site
If you are using old Wix Forms, you also have the option to add and set up a Get Subscribers form.

To add a subscriber opt-in checkbox to your form:

Wix Editor
Editor X
Wix Studio
  1. Go to your editor and click the relevant form.
  2. Click Add New Field.
  3. Click the Basic Fields tab.
  4. Scroll down and click the Add icon next to Subscriber Opt-In.
  5. Click the new field in your form. 
  6. Click Edit Field and customize it using the available options:
    • Checkbox text: Update the text next to the checkbox. It should tell visitors what happens if they select the checkbox e.g.'I want to subscribe to your newsletter,' or 'Make me a subscriber!'
    • This Field is:
      • Required: Visitors must fill out this field before submitting the form.
      • Checked by default: The subscriber checkbox is automatically checked, and visitors must deselect it if they don't wish to subscribe.
    • Show link: Click the Show link toggle to add a link below the checkbox. This can be used to add your terms and conditions for visitors to read before they choose to subscribe.
      • Link text: Update the text that will be hyperlinked e.g. 'View terms and conditions.'
      • Where does it link to? Paste the URL the text will link to.
Adding the subscriber opt-in checkbox to an Order form in the Wix Editor
What's next?
  • Once visitors select the checkbox, they are added as 'subscribers' in your contact list
  • Enable double opt-in to have subscribers verify their email before they can be added to subscribers. Double opt-in ensures your emails are reaching the right audience. 

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