Wix Forms: Designing Your Site Forms

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Design your form to add a splash of individuality to your visitors' experience. Customize the background color, change button text or adjust shadows and borders to bring the form to life. 
How do I know if I'm using old Wix Forms or new Wix Forms?
This article will help you understand the differences between old and new Wix Forms. 
Screenshot of get in touch form with customized lilac fields.
Designing your form is currently only available for site forms. For standalone forms, you can manage form fields but not update their design.
New Forms
Old Forms
  1. Click the relevant form on your page.
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click the Design tab.
  4. Customize the form design using the available options:
    • Form Background: Choose the form background color, as well as the border color and width.
    • Form Fields: Select a form field style and customize opacity, font style, font size, and design how fields appear in different states: Regular, Hover, and Error.
    • Header and Paragraph: Choose a font and color for the form text.
    • Buttons: Design the form buttons including how they appear on hover (e.g. submit button, back button, etc.)
A screenshot of the Design tab of a form with button color options selected.
If you are customizing a form built with the previous version of Wix Forms (e.g. an Order form) click the Design icon  in the settings panel above the form to customize it.

A screenshot of the settings panel of the previous version of Wix Forms with the paintbrush icon selected.

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