Wix Forms: Designing Your Site Forms

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Design your form to match your brand and color scheme. A clear and inviting form encourages site visitors to submit. You can change the overall look and feel of the form, or click an individual form field to change its design.
Designing your form is currently only available for site forms. For standalone forms, you can manage form fields but not update their design.

Learn how to:

Designing Your Site Forms

Choose from a preset design with similar colors and themes, or customize your form's design to match your needs.

To design your site forms:

  1. Go to your Editor and click a form.
  2. Click the Design icon in the top bar.
  1. Select a design from the preset designs. Click an option to see the form change on the page. The content of the form remains the same.
  2. (Optional) Click Customize Design to further customize the site form.
  3. Customize your form by changing the design of the form's input fields, submit button and background.

Designing Individual Form Fields

If you only want to make design changes to specific fields on your form (e.g. Name and Phone Number) you can select an individual field to design.

To design individual form fields:

  1. Go to your Editor and click a form.
  2. Click the field inside the form you want to design (e.g. Birthday).
  3. Click the Design icon above the form field.
  4. Choose a preset design for the form field. Depending on the field you've selected you will see different options. For example, text fields allow you to design the text color and background, while date picker fields (e.g. Birthday) allow you to select from different calendar designs.
  5. (Optional) Click Customize Design to further customize the field.
  6. Customize your form field using the available options.
When customizing your form, some elements such as the rating field, upload button, checkboxes and radio buttons may not be affected by the changes.

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