Wix Forms: Enabling Double Opt-In for Subscribers

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Make sure your emails reach the right contacts by enabling double opt-in in your forms. Double opt-in means that any visitor who has subscribed to your list also needs to take the extra step of verifying their email. This confirms their subscription status.
Some businesses prefer double opt-in to make sure the emails in their subscriber list are active and correct. It's also best practice to make sure you have explicit consent from your subscribers.
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Single opt-in vs. double opt-in

When visitors submit a Get Subscribers form or select a subscriber opt-in checkbox on a form before submitting, it means they're giving consent to receive emails and communication from you. This confirmation is called single opt-in, as visitors performed one action (filling out the form or selecting the checkbox) to confirm their consent. 
Double opt-in means that after visitors perform the first opt-in action, they will also be required to verify their email address before they can become subscribers. With double opt-in enabled, visitors are still added to your contact list once they submit the form, but their subscriber status says Subscription Pending until they've verified their email.

To become a subscriber, all your visitor needs to do is click Confirm Subscription in the email. This removes the Subscription Pending label from your contact and adds them to your mailing list. 

Enabling double opt-in on your site forms

You can enable the double opt-in option to any site form. If the form isn't a Get Subscribers form, make sure you've also added a subscriber opt-in checkbox field.

To enable double opt-in on a site form:

  1. Select your form in the Editor.
  2. Click Form Settings.
  3. Click the Settings tab.
  4. Click Subscriber Double Opt-In.
  5. Click the Enable double opt-in toggle to send each new subscriber a confirmation email. If the toggle is disabled you must add a subscriber opt-in checkbox.
    • Enabled: Anyone who submits the form or selects the subscriber checkbox receives an email to verify their subscription status. Once they have verified they become subscribers in your contact list.
    • Disabled: Anyone who submits the form or selects the subscriber checkbox is automatically a subscriber in your contact list. They do not have to confirm their status.

Enabling double opt-in on your standalone forms

Add a 'subscribe to mailing list' contact field to a standalone form and select double opt-in if you want subscribers to verify their email addresses. You can make this field required if visitors must subscribe before sending the form. 

To enable double opt-in on your standalone forms:

  1. Go to Forms in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Edit next to the relevant standalone form.
  3. Click Add to the Subscribe to mailing list contact field to add a subscriber section to your form if you don't already have one.
  4. Select Double opt-in as your Opt-in method.
Visitors receive a confirm subscription email after filling out the standalone form and subscribing to the mailing list. Once they verify their email their contact label changes to Subscriber.

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