Wix Editor: Troubleshooting Font Issues on Your Mobile Site

1 min read
Differences in the way fonts render on mobile devices can cause issues on your live mobile site. View the info below to learn how to fix font issues on your mobile site. 

Fonts appearing differently on mobile sites

Different browsers and devices use a variety of rendering engines which may result in minor differences in the way your font appears. Fonts also render differently between iOS and Android, and the significance of the difference can vary from font to font. 
Various factors can cause elements to become misaligned or overlapped on your live site. Learn how to resolve text alignment issues on your live mobile site.
If you are experiencing an issue with one of the default fonts, we recommend choosing another similar looking font for your site. 

Some fonts not working on iPhone operating systems (iOS)

Certain fonts are not be supported by iOS or other mobile devices. If a specific font on your site is not displaying properly on an iOS device, you can check iosfonts.com to make sure the font is supported. 
  • We do not support issues with uploaded fonts. If you’re experiencing an issue with an uploaded font, we recommend trying one of the default fonts or uploading a different one.
  • If a supported, default font is not appearing on your mobile device, or if you are experiencing other issues with text on your site, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.