Wix Editor: Adding and Customizing Text on Your Mobile Site

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Text is the most integral part of your website. Get it just right on mobile by customizing it to suit your site's design and layout. 
There are 2 types of text that could be on your mobile site:
  • Text carried over from the desktop Editor
  • Text that you added from the Add panel in the mobile Editor; mobile-only text. This text is only visible on your mobile site, not on your desktop site.
You can customize both types of text in the mobile Editor. Customization of text carried over from desktop is limited - you can adjust text size, color, alignment and switch text from horizontal to vertical. With text added directly from the mobile Editor, you have full control over customization - change fonts, reformat text, add effects and HTML tags, and change the content.
Not sure if it's a mobile-only text element?
Mobile-only elements display a mobile icon  when you click them in the mobile Editor.

Learn more about customizing text:

Customizing text from your desktop version

The text elements you add from the desktop Editor are automatically carried over to your mobile Editor. This text is resized to be compatible with mobile, however, you can resize it. You can also edit the text's color and alignment to be different from the desktop version.

To customize text carried over from desktop:

  1. Click the text element in the mobile Editor.
  2. Customize the text by doing the following:
Want to hide these text elements?
You can hide the text carried over from the desktop Editor, and replace it with mobile-only text so that you have full control over the customization. To hide the text, right-click it and click Hide.

Customizing mobile-only text

Add text directly from the Add panel in the mobile Editor. You can choose from a variety of text types to add to your site, and customize it fully. Adjust the color, font, alignment, and formatting of your text and even add cool shadow effects and HTML tags.

To add and customize mobile-only text:

  1. Click Add  on the left side of the mobile Editor.
  2. Click Text.
  3. Drag a text element on to your page.
  4. Click Edit Text.
  5. Customize the following aspects of your text:

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