Wix Editor: Alignment Issues on Your Live Mobile Site

3 min read
Your site's content may not look the same across all mobile devices, as different browsers and devices use different rendering engines. For example, text elements can expand, overlap or become misaligned with other elements on certain mobile screens. 
In this article, learn how to resolve alignment issues on mobile:

Single line of text is split over two lines

You may notice that a single line of text in your mobile Editor is split into two lines on the live site. This can depend on the device, and may look different on different screens.
Screenshot showing text on the mobile Editor and a live mobile site.
In order to resolve this issue, simply widen the text box by clicking and dragging the handles. This only makes the text box larger, and does not affect the size of the text itself.
GIF showing the text box being expanded in the mobile Editor.

Text and other elements are overlapping

If you've added a large amount of text to your site in a single text box, and added an element on top of it, the text may overlap with other elements on your live site. This is usually seen in text that has been added to your site in the desktop Editor.
Image of text and a button both in the mobile editor and the live site. The button is overlapping the text on the live site.

To resolve the issue:

  1. Open the desktop Editor.
  2. Break up the text into multiple text boxes - one per paragraph.
  3. Add the elements between the text boxes with some space between them.
  4. Group the elements together to ensure they're aligned. Click here to learn how to group elements
Image of the desktop Editor. The text has been split into different boxes, and the button is between them.

Text is not aligned with other elements

If you have a lot of text in a single text box, it may not align with other elements on your mobile live site.
The same page in the mobile Editor and the live site. The text and vector art are misaligned on the live site.

To align text with other elements:

  1. Open the desktop Editor.
  2. Split the text into multiple text boxes - one for each paragraph.
  3. Group the text with the relevant elements. Click here to learn how to group elements

Alignment issues with other elements on mobile

You may find that elements you've arranged horizontally aren't aligning as expected on the mobile version of your site.
To prevent these elements from shifting, group them together and attach them to a transparent container box
What's next?
  • Use the Page Layout Optimizer to automatically organize and refresh content on your mobile site to suit smaller screens, and ensure a consistent alignment on your mobile site. Click here to learn more about the Page Layout Optimizer
  • Note: If you're building your site using the new Editor experience, you won't have access to the Page Layout Optimizer tool. This is because Wix automatically optimizes your mobile layout in the new Editor experience.