Wix Editor: Managing Your Quick Action Bar

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After adding a Quick action bar (QAB) to your mobile site, manage what it shows to your liking. Choose what actions to show and how to name them, add your own actions and change your contact details as needed. 
In this article, learn more about:

Adding custom actions to a QAB

Create your own custom action to link visitors to site anchors, external URLs, and more. You can select the icon, or upload your own to create a personal experience.

To create a custom action:

  1. Select your QAB in the mobile Editor.
  2. Click Set Up Quick Actions.
  3. Click More Actions.
  4. Select Custom Action from the list.
  5. Choose a predesigned icon, or click the Add icon to upload your own.
  6. Select the action in the panel to set up the details.
The set up panel of a QAB. The cursor is hovering over the custom action option.

Managing QAB actions

Manage what you display on the quick actions bar. You can change the name of actions, remove them from the bar, and more.

To manage your actions:

  1. Select your QAB in the mobile Editor.
  2. Click Set Up Quick Actions.
  3. Hover over an action in the panel and click the More actions icon .
  4. Choose how you want to manage the action:
    • Set up: Update or change the action's details.
    • Rename: Change the name of the action.
    • Remove: Delete the action from the bar.
The set up panel of a QAB. The managing options are highlighted.
Did you know?
You can click and drag on actions in the panel to change their order.
The actions panel in a QAB. The email action is being dragged to another position.

Removing a Quick action bar

You can remove the Quick Action Bar on your mobile site at anytime. 
You should know:
When you remove a QAB, it removes the details you entered for each action. If you re-add the QAB, you need to manually enter the relevant information again.
To remove a QAB, right-click it in the mobile Editor then select Delete
The right-click menu of a QAB. The Delete option is highlighted.
If you have Wix Chat installed on your site, removing the Quick Action Bar doesn't remove Wix Chat from your mobile site. To remove Wix Chat from your mobile site, you need to delete it from the Editor

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