Wix Editor: Adding and Setting Up the Quick Action Bar on Your Mobile Site

Add a Quick Action Bar (QAB) to your mobile site to help your visitors contact you instantly from their mobile phones. You can add different channels to your QAB, such as phone, Facebook and email. You can also create custom links for your QAB to important parts of your site, to give your visitors immediate access to the information they need.
Choose which actions you want to appear on your QAB, and then customize the design to match your mobile site.
Follow the steps below to add and set up your QAB.

Step 1 | Add the Quick Action Bar

Add the Quick Action Bar from the Mobile Tools panel in the mobile Editor. 
If you have Wix Chat installed, the QAB is automatically added to your mobile site. Go straight to step 2 to set it up.
The QAB is added to the bottom of your mobile site. If your QAB covers up part of your footer, use the Editor Toolbar to make the footer height 50 pixels longer.

Step 2 | Set Up Preset Actions

Add the actions you need to your QAB. We have created several preset actions for you to add (e.g. Facebook, Whatsapp, Email).
Click the Settings icon on the QAB and choose if you want the action labels to be displayed, or just the icons.

Step 3 | Create Custom Actions and Upload Icons

Create your own custom action and upload icons for them. Link your custom action to a page or anchor on your site, external URL, document and more.

Step 4 | Design Your Quick Action Bar

Choose a horizontal or vertical design for your QAB, and design it as you wish. You can choose the color scheme (black and white, greyscale, or color) and customize the border and shadow of your QAB.
The vertical preset designs allow you to customize the closed and open view of the bar. 

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