Wix Editor: Adding and Setting Up Columns on Your Strip

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Columns are a great way to section and organize strips on your site.
Customize each column individually to suit your site's look and layout, and create eye-catching pages for your visitors.

Learn how to:

Splitting a strip into columns

Add a column to a strip quickly and easily from the strip's layout settings to begin constructing and arranging your site's content. 

Adding more columns to a strip

Once you've added your first columns, you can add more to continue organizing and building your strip.
You can add up to five columns.

Changing the column background

Select an individual background for each of your columns to impress site visitors, and encourage them to keep exploring your site. Learn more
Choose from colors or media to suit your site's look and design.

Adding elements to columns

Build your page's content by adding elements to columns on your strip. Popular elements to add to columns include text, buttons, and vector art. Learn more
What's next?
  • Adjust the spacing and sizing of your columns. Learn how
  • Click here to learn about managing your columns on your mobile site.

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