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Wix Editor: Adding and Linking Anchors

Anchors are invisible position markers which you can place anywhere on your site. You can link to them, making them a great way to direct your visitors to important sections and information on your site.
You can use anchors in two ways:

  • Link elements to them: You can link elements such as buttons or menu items to anchors. This means that rather than placing all the information in one location, you can direct your visitors to different locations on your site however you want.
  • Display them in an in-page menu: You can display all your anchors in a cool floating menu to help your visitors navigate and explore your site.
In this article, learn more about:

Adding anchors to your site

Add an anchor to any location of your site. Anchors are invisible markers, so your visitors won't be able to see them on the live site.

To add an anchor to your site:

  1. Click Add Elements  on the left side of the Editor.
  2. Click Menu & Anchor.
  3. Drag the anchor to your chosen position on the page.
  4. Click the anchor and click Rename.
  5. Type the name in the field.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for each section you wish to mark on your site.

Linking elements to your anchors

Once you have added your anchor, you can link images, buttons, and more to it. When these elements are clicked, your visitors are directed to the relevant anchor.
Linking elements to anchors is a great way to encourage your visitors to explore your site, and display additional relevant information.

To link an element to an anchor:

  1. Click the element you want to link from.
  2. Click the Link icon .
  3. Click Anchor on the left side of the panel.
  4. Use the dropdown menus to select the page and anchor you'd like to link the element to.
  5. Click Done.
Linking anchors to text is done differently. Learn how to link text to an anchor

Displaying your anchors on an in-page menu

You can display all of your anchors in a cool floating menu on your site. An in-page menu allows your visitors to access different parts of your site page by clicking the anchor name on the menu. Learn more about in-page menus
As the in-page menu is floating, it is always visible wherever your site visitors are on your page.

To add an in-page menu:

  1. Click Add Elements  on the left side of the Editor.
  2. Click Menu & Anchor.
  3. Click In-Page Menu.
  4. Drag your chosen menu on to your page.
  5. (Optional) Click the Pin to Screen icon   on your anchor menu to change its location on your page.
In-page menus are not displayed on your mobile-friendly site. Learn more about creating your mobile site

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