Wix Editor: Adding a Link to Text

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Text links are a quick and easy way to direct your visitors to relevant sites, sections, and pages. You can also link to Wix business solutions pages such as Wix Stores product pages, Wix Blog posts, and Wix Bookings service pages.
Links can encourage interaction and interest from your site visitors, and adding them to text helps your visitors to know exactly what they're clicking on.  
You can links to text by creating clickable URLs, or by adding a hyperlink.
To see the your links in action, publish your site and click the URL or element from your mobile or tablet. Links do not work from inside the Editor.
In this article, learn more about:

Creating clickable URLs

Adding a clickable URL to your site means that visitors know exactly what page they're opening. You can add URLs to other pages on your site, or to external web addresses.
URLs that you enter directly into a text box automatically become clickable, which means that you don't need to manually add any links. 
Clickable URLs can currently only be created with an English language URL.

To create a clickable URL:

  1. Add text to your site.
  2. Click Edit Text.
  3. Enter the URL.
GIF showing the URL www.wix.com being entered into a text box in the Editor.
Do not add any other text into the text box, as this will make the URL unclickable

Hyperlinking text

As well as creating a clickable URL, you can also add links to regular text content. You can decide exactly what section of text you want to link, and even customize the color. Learn more about customizing hyperlinked text
Some popular text links include "Visit Our Store", or "Keep Reading".

To hyperlink text:

  1. Click the text box in your Editor.
  2. Click the Link icon .
  3. Select the link type and enter the details.
  4. Choose whether your links opens in a new window, or the current window.
  5. Click Done.
The link panel has been opened for a text box in the Editor. A Web Address is the selected link type.
 To remove a link, click the Link icon , select None in the panel, then click Done.
You cannot link text that spans over two paragraphs. This means that if you have two words or sentences that are separated by Enter, they act as two paragraphs and you cannot link them both at the same time. You can link text that spans over two paragraphs if you use Shift + Enter to create the line space instead of Enter.

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