Wix Blog: Adding Profile Pages for Your Blog Writers

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When you add Wix Blog to your site, you can choose to also add a Member's Area if you don't already have one. A Member's Area lets your site members access features including the ability to login, create a public profile, and comment on blog posts. Learn more about the Member's Area
Adding a Member's Area to your site when you add Wix Blog
You can also use a Member's Area to create dedicated profile pages for your Blog Writers to help your readers get to know them. You can customize the information that's displayed on the profile pages such as name, bio, image, and recent posts that they've written.
Before you start, you need to:

Step 1 | Select who has profile pages

You can choose to let only site members who you have set as Blog Writers or as managed writers have profile pages on your site, or let every member have a profile page. Select your preferred option in the Member Pages settings on your site's Editor. 

To select who has profile pages:

  1. Go to Member Pages in your Editor.
2.  Click the More Actions icon  next to Profile.
3.  Click Settings.
4.  Under Members' Profiles, select who has profile pages:
  • Only Blog Writers: Your Blog Writers have profiles, but your site members do not. 
  • Blog Writers and Members: Both writers and site members have profiles. 
5.  Click Publish, or save your site. 

Step 2 | Customize your Blog Writers' profiles

Each profile page for your Blog Writers can include information such as their display name, title, an About section, and any recent posts that they have written. You can customize your own profile on your live site or your dashboard, and customize the profiles of your writers in your dashboard. 

Learn how to customize:

A sample profile page of a Blog Writer
Want to change how your profile looks?

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