Updating an Editor X Site to the Studio Editor

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This update is not yet available to all Editor X sites. When an Editor X site is ready to be updated, a clickable banner appears at the top of the editor. 
Editor X is transitioning to Wix Studio, the web creation platform for agencies and enterprises.
Update your Editor X sites to the Studio Editor to access powerful new design features. The update process is seamless—no rebuild required, and the live site stays exactly the same.
In this article, learn more about:
If you choose not to update a site, you can continue working on Editor X for now. Keep in mind that soon, all Editor X sites will be automatically updated to Wix Studio, but you’ll get plenty of notice before that happens.

Things to know about this update

Before updating to the Studio Editor, learn what happens to every part of the site, as well as the new features you're about to unlock. 
The Inspector panel is automatically set to the Advanced Size mode, which is similar to the settings you know from Editor X. To benefit from new Studio features like the responsive behaviors, change the sizing view preference to Set per Element.

Updating a site from Editor X to the Studio Editor

When an Editor X site is ready for the update, a pop-up appears as soon as you open the editor. Once you confirm the update to Wix Studio, the site moves over within minutes. 
Before you begin:
  • Close any other editor tabs that are open. In addition, make sure no one else is working on the site right now. 
  • Only site owners can perform the update. We're working on making this option available for co-owners as well. 
  • (Safari only) The Studio Editor supports Safari version 15 and up.

To update a site:

  1. Open the relevant site in Editor X. 
  2. (In the pop-up) Click Next.
  3. Click Update to Wix Studio.
    Tip: The update may take a few minutes to complete. 
  4. (In the Studio Editor) Choose what to do next:
    • Browse Tutorials: Watch video tutorials to help you get acquainted with the new Studio Editor.
      Tip: These videos are always available for you to go back to. In the editor, click the Video Tutorials icon  at the bottom left.
    • Start Working: Exit the pop-up to explore the new and enhanced Studio Editor on your own. We recommend checking panels like the Inspector and Add Elements to see what's new. 
The popup that appears when you open the Editor of a site that is ready for the update to Wix Studio
What's next?
Head over to the Wix Studio academy for all the courses, webinars and tutorials you may need. More specifically, check out our Elevating from Editor X to Wix Studio webinar.


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